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Orsoq: Eat Meat and Blubber from Sea Mammals and Avoid Cardiovascular disease

Many times RJ Millar, founder of Auum Inc. and Cheryl Millet, Director of Auum Canada mention the Orsoq Study (Orsoq is the Greenlandic word for blubber) in our presentations.

Eat Meat and Blubber from Sea Mammals and avoid Cardiovascular disease.
Source: Inuit Whaling, published by Inuit Circumpolar Conference, June 1992, Special Issue
Author:Gerth Mulvad and Henning Sloth Pedersen, Doctors at the Department of Medicine,Dronning Ingrids Hospital

In Greenland atherosclerosis is a more or less unknown disease. For example, in the 1970s there was not a single death due to cardiovascular disease in the hunting district of Uummannaq with about 3,000 inhabitants. In recent years some Greenlanders have moved to Denmark. Following the same pattern as elsewhere in the world, these immigrants have contracted the same cardiovascular diseases as the Danes. So the very low incidence of cardiovascular disease in Greenland cannot be explained by hereditary immunity. In other words, something in the environment has given the Inuit protection against “the big killer”. So it is a natural step to investigate the Greenland diet.

In the Inuit diet the ratio is 1:1 for Omega 3 to Omega 6.

New studies have shown that fish oil has no effect on atherosclerosis. Nor does fish oil seem to have influence on either the cholesterol content in the blood or the formation of free radicals.

For the last two years Greenland has been participating in the International Atherosclerosis Project. This is a project supervised by experts at the Louisiana State University in New Orleans in the USA. Among other things, they have studied the coronary arteries of the hearts of over 23,000 deceased persons from sixteen different countries. It is in the coronary arteries that the fatal blood clots form.

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